Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dance Plus 3 Winner Grand Finale 2017, Bir Radha Sherpa Lifted Trophy

Posted by Devansh Roy
Remo D'Souza's Dance Plus Season 3 all set for the Grand Finale where Top 4 Finalists Bir Radha Sherpa, Tarun-Shivani, Amardeep Singh and Aryan Patra compete with each other to win the Dance +3 Title. See Who lifted the Winning Trophy of Dance Plus 3 on Star Plus show. Also See who are the Runner Up contestants on the Show. Dance Plus 3 Winner revealed here. Bir Radha Sherpa from Team Punit Pathak Lifted the Trophy.

Team Dharmesh has the 3 Contestants in his team who are in Finale. Team Punit has One Contestant Bir Radha Sherpa in Finale and Shakti hasn't any Contestant in Finale. 1 Duo Dancer Tarun Nihalani-Shivani Patel and 3 Solo Dancers Bir Radha Sherpa, Amardeep Singh and Aryan Patra going to rock the Dance floor and will gain Public votes to Win the Trophy in Dance Plus 3 Finale.

See The Names of Dance +3 Finalists Contestants and Runner Up Contestants on Grand Finale.

Dance Plus 3 Finalists (Top 4) Names List 2017

See Who are the Top 4 Finalists Contestants on the Show.

Bir Radha Sherpa, Aryan Patra, Amardeep Singh, Tarun-Shivani (Left to Right)

Note - Dance +3 Winner Name will be revealed soon, You Can do your predictions in Comment!

Dance Plus 3 Winner Name - Bir Radha Sherpa Wins Dance +3

Bir Lifted the Dance Plus 3 Trophy

Dance +3 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up - Tarun-Shivani, Amardeep and Aryan Patra

And the Winner is Bir Radha Sherpa from Team Punit 
See the Pics of Bir Radha Sherpa with Trophy of Dance Plus Season 3.

Public Vote Supported a lot every contestant but made the Bir as a Winner of the Season. Many Congratulations to Winner Bir Radha Sherpa.

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  1. Aryan Patra will won dance plus 3
    1st runner up Bir Radha Sherpa
    2nd Runner up Tarun and Shivani
    3rd runner up Amardeep Singh Natt

  2. Veer radha serpha won dance+3 tittel

  3. India Ka next dance icon is bir Radha Sherpa

  4. My fevrt bir radha sherpa
    i love you

  5. Congratulations bir radha sherpa u bring a face for northeast