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LagaoBoli App Download [Android, iPhone, APK] to Play Lagao Boli Live Zee TV

Posted by Devansh Roy
Zee TV is back with interesting and interactive Live Show 'Lagao Boli' which is the First Live Game Show in India. You Can Win Car Every week buy just playing live Game Show Along with Colors TV Show. Download the Lagao Boli [LagaoBoli App] in your Android of iOS Smartphone and Play the Live Game. Here's the Instructions in Hindi and English on How to Play. Yes, It's Available for Smartphones Android, iPhone and APK Versions.
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Lagao Boli is an Amazing Platform to Play and Win Exciting Prizes. Zee TV Hosts the Show to make you the winner of the Car. Live Game Players have to Bid in Auction and have to Place the Lowest and Unique Bid. The Winner Will be Updated on Screen by Showing the Picture of Player On Screen.

TV Actress Anita Hassanandani, Comedian and Presenter Paritosh Tripathi are the Hosts of the Show. She will make you the Winner of Brand New Shining Car 🚗 every week.

Lagao Boli App Download to Play Lagao Boli Live Zee TV Show

You must have the Smartphone to Play Lagao Boli Live Game on Zee TV. You have to be Active during the Live Contest Game of 'Lagao Boli' on ZeeTV.  Win Car by just Placing the free Bids on a Game Show.

You Can Go to the Android Play Store or Apple iOS Play Store to Download the App (Apk) of LagaoBoli App

How to Place Bid [बोली कैसे लगाए?]

Bids can be placed through the APPs (Android/iOS) & Website via your registered account.
Download the LagaoBoli App in your Mobile. Register or Login through existing Facebook, Twitter or Google Accounts.

Start Placing Your Bid. Bid Can be Start from 0.01
बोली 0.01 पैसे भी शुरू होगी,  सबसे कम और अनोखी बोली जीतेगी कार, आप अपनी बिड रखना न भूले

If One or more People Places the Same Bid then it's can not be the Unique. You have to be the Only who Place the Unique and Lowest Bid. Even Your Bid is Unique but you place the High Bid then You are not considerd as a Winner. You Boli [Bid] have to be Smallest as well as the Unique.

अगर 1 से ज्यादा लोग एक समान बोली लगते है तो वो अनोखी (Unique) बोली नहीं कही जाएगी | 
अगर आप की बोली अनोखी है पर ज्यादा है तब भी वो मान्य नहीं होगी |
आप की बोली अनोखी और इसके साथ कम भी होनी चाहिए |

ChaseBid App Download Link (Android) - Download Now
ChaseBid App Download Link (iOS) - Download Now

For example: Mega Auction for a Car

2 Bids @ 1.05/-  (Not Unique)
3 Bids@ 1.06/- (Not Unique)
1 Bid @ 1.07/- (Unique Lowest)
1 Bid @ 1.08/- (Unique But High)

Hope You have enough Ideas of Playing Game. All the Best Guys. Play the Game and Win Amazing Car. The Current Winner [During Bids] and Final Winner Name Picture will be displayed on Television Screen. All the Best Guys for the Amazing Live Game Show on Colors TV.

आप अपने सवाल नीचे कमेंट में बता सकते है | धन्यवाद |

Keep Watching and Playing Aunty Boli Lagao Boli Every Sunday 12 PM on Colors TV with Archana Singh. This Show is Produced by Shilpa Shetty Kundra and her Husband Raj Kundra.

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