Saturday, 5 August 2017

Why: Oviya Left Bigg Boss Tamil or NOT? Kamal Haasan Talks to Her

Posted by Devansh Roy
It remained the Secret whether Oviya Helen left the Bigg Boss Tamil House or Not as Last Night She Stayed back. Fans of Oviya are very curious to know if Oviya left the Show Tonight or she makes Come back in the House?

oviya kamal
Oviya - Kamal Haasan Talks in Bigg Boss Tamil
Oviya Helen quit the show due to medical reasons on Friday evening after having to fight with Arav for the love on him. In the last day of the program (Friday episode) she jumped on the swimming pool and dipped her face in water with her nose closed. Co - contestant Snehan noticed and saved her.

Known for her positive attitude, yesterday's episode showed Oviya behaving erratically. She was seen behaving happily with other contestants and then suddenly being sad. The reason for her behaviour is due to her love for fellow contestant Arav. Though she has been openly expressing her love for him, he has been quiet and has always tried to change topics whenever she opens up about love to him. He seems to have taken her proposals in a funny and jovial way and hasn't been taking her seriously. Pehaps this is one reason for Oviya's erratic nature in the Bigg Boss house in the recent days.


While reports suggest that Oviya has left the show due to mental stress, it is still unclear if she would be back in the show again or if she has left forever. Today's episode might throw some light on Oviya's exit from the show.

You Can Watch the Oviya's Talks with Show Host Kamal Hassan to know more facts in Oviya's Words. The Interesting Fact is that there are massive Fans of Oviya and they don't want her go out side the House of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Don't Miss Bigg Boss Tamil Tonight to have an Interesting Conversation.

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