Saturday, 5 August 2017

Juliana Eliminated [6th August 2017] Bigg Boss Tamil, Oviya Left Out

Posted by Devansh Roy
Bigg Boss Tamil TV Reality Show on vijay television channel reached to the Interesting mode when contestants started playing really good game and on the other side they have to face the elimination. See who is eliminated this week on 6th august 2017 episode of Bigg Boss tamil.

Juliana (Julie) Eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil
As per the News, Actress Oviya Decided to quit the Show because of some personal reason and on the other side Juliana Evicted because of the Less Public Votes. Oviya and Juliana leaves the House and Vaiyapuri maked as a Safe.

Bigg Boss Tamil will be really tough as Contestants trying their best to stay long into the house and giving their best in a Tasks given to them. Based on the Public Votes and Their Behavior in the House they are going to Survive.

Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination News - Juliana Eliminated & Oviya Left Out (6th August 2017 Update)

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Keep Watching Bigg Boss Tamil on Vijay Television Channel and Support your Favorite Contestants.

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