Sunday, 25 June 2017

Nach Baliye 8 Winner Name 2017: *Divek Wins [Grand Finale] Results Out

Posted by Devansh Roy
It's Nach Baliye Season 8 Grand Finale time when all the Celebrities Dancer Contestants will be Seen Competing with each other on the Show to win the Title as a Nach Baliye 8 Winner. All the Celebrities Couple gives his best to Win the Nach Baliye Season 8. See the Public Voting Results on Nach Baliye 8. Have a Look at the Nach Baliye 8 Top 3 Finalists Contestants Couple, Winner Name and Runner Up Names in Grand Finale Episode on 25th June 2017 Episode.

Nach Baliye 8 Winning Trophy
Nach Baliye Season 8 Winner 2017. See who are the Top 3 Finalists Contestants Couple on Star Stunned Television Dance reality Show. Also See who is the Winner of Nach Baliye Season 8 Dance Reality Show on Star Plus.

Nach Baliye 8 Winner Name 2017 (Grand Finale)

It Was the Great Grand Finale on 24th June 2017 and 25th June 2017. After the Lovely Performances from the Nach Baliye 8 Couple Contestants, 3 Top Jodies have been Selected named Abigail Pandey-Sanam Johar, Mohit Saigal-Sanaya Irani, Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya-Vivek Dahiya in Grand Finale Episode.

Nach Baliye 8 Top 3 Finalists Couple Contestants


1) Divyanka Tripathi - Vivek Dahiya  (DIVEK)
2) Abigail Pande - Sanam Johar
3) Sanaya Irani - Mohit Sehgal (Monaya)

And The Nach baliye 8 Winner is Divyanka-Vivek Dahiya

Nach Baliye 8 Winner - Divek
While Sanam-Abigal grabbed the second spot, Mohit-Sanaya came at the number third.

Nach Baliye 8 Winner - Divyanka - Vivek
Nach Baliye 8 1st Runner Up - Sanam-Abigail 
Nach Baliye 8 2nd Runner Up - Mohit-Sanaya

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  3. Divek is going to win
    Love u both

  4. divek win nach baliye the best couple ever made for each other

  5. Sanaya and Mohit very hardwordworking Partners they always do Out of the box Unique stunning Performance which cannot be reached by others Soo new Concepts,dance & costumes.Wish & Pray for Monaya to Win!!!The Most Deserving Talented Couple....Love u Monaya

    1. Divek is the least deserving Finalist, they both are just famous celebrities and reached to finals because of their popularity. Feeling really bad for Shoaib and Depika, they should be in finals as they both were the most consistent jury. Abigail sanam and Sanaya Mohit are well deserving couples for finalist.

  6. Ofcourse its mohit and sanaya
    made for each other
    trying their best every week

  7. Monaya will definitely win nach baliye 8

  8. Divek will win nach baliye 8! They deserve it the most!

  9. Actually sanam and Abigail deserve the title. But....

  10. Monaya r d most deserving couple thy improved alot during d season thy have 2 win

  11. Monaya or Abinam....Actually deserves to be the Nach Baliye 8 Winner title. Wishing both the couple all the veryyyyyy Best.

  12. MONAYA....the best performance and couple, good luck MONAYA, I love you both...๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜