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Rising Star Grand Finale [23rd April 2017] Song Performances, [%] Scores

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It's Rising Star Grand Finale Time. Yes, Tonight on 23rd April 2017 It's Going to be the Rising Star Great Grand Finale Among the Top 3 Finalists Singer Contestants. Here is the Video Sneak Peeks of the Grand Finale and Excitement in the Top 3 Singer Contestants. Watch the Video Sneak Peeks of the Rising Star Finalists Singer Contestants. Rising Star Top 3 Singer Contestants will Try to Gain more Scores from the Judges and India People. It would be Great to See How much % Scores they gets in finale.


After 11 exciting weeks of LIVE performances, the show Rising Star India has finally reached its culmination. Tonight it's Rising Star Grand Finale. In the Last Night Episode we have seen the Ankita Kundu gets entry to the Rising Star finale and Now it's time for the 23rd April 2017 Episode Performances in Grand Finale. The Winner Name will be Revealed based on the Public Voting Results.

The face-off between the two lowest scorers, Ankita Kundu and Vikram Jeet Singh happened.
Ankita sang 'Tere bin jiya jaaye na' and got a score of 55%.  Vikram Jeet Singh chose one of the songs that he shared inspired him, 'Re sultan'. Vikram Jeet received 61% of votes.

The experts chose to decide eventually who would leave the show tonight, as the situation was difficult to let go off one great singer out of the two. The celeb singers shared their opinion as well on who should be chosen to stay back. It was a nail biting situation.

Finally Monali and Shankar Ji voted for Ankita and Diljit voted for both Ankita and Vikram Jeet.
In the end Ankita Kundu reached the finals! Vikram Jeet Singh thanked everyone from the bottom of the heart before leaving the show.

Rising Star Top 3 Contestants Singers
1) Maithali Thakur - Team Shankar Mahadevan
2) Ankita Kundu, - Team Diljit Dosanjh
3) Bannet Dosanjh -  Team Monali Thakur

Rising Star Top 3 Contestants Songs Names
1) Maithali Thakur - Soona Lage Sajan Bin Desh
2) Ankita Kundu, - Kahin Aag Lage Lage Jaave
3) Bannet Dosanjh -  Tashan Main

Rising Star Top 3 Singers [%] Votes Scores

The Scores of Rising Star Top 3 Singers will be Revealed on Tonight's Episode.

1) Maithali Thakur  Score % - 82% (Soona Lage Sajan Tere Bin Desh)
2) Ankita Kundu Score % - 69% (Kahin Aag Lage Lage Jaave Song)
3) Bannet Dosanjh  Score % - 82% (Tashan Mein)

Maithili and Bannet Performed in Final Face Off to Win the Title of the First Season.

Maithali Scored 76% in Finale Face off
Bannet Scored 77%  in Finale Face Off (Performed on Main Jahaan Rahoon)

So, the Winner of Rising Star Grand Finale is... Bannet Dosanjh

Also Meet - Rising Star Finalists Singer Contestants

The Top 3 Singer Contestants Maithili Thakur, Ankita Kundu, Bannet Dosanjh will Try to Gain more Scores from the Indian People and Judges. The One who'll get Maximum Score will be the Winner of Rising Star Singing Reality Show.

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  1. Maithali Thakur will win Shankar cheats and is partial, unfair judge.

  2. Most shocking thing is sudden rise of voting percentage when the voting line closed. When the message- "voting line is close now" was coming on the screen, Bennet had got just 62% vote and after some time vote % scaled up by 15% that i first time saw in the entire season of RISING STAR. #COLORS KI MAYA COLORS HI JANE.